12 February 2010 noon

Someone commented on my post about Anderson Cooper that child traffickers will continue even if adoptions are stopped.  I would think that a child trafficker does not usually have a home study done, psychological report, bank statement, work letters, two letters of reference, and all of the other documents needed to get a dossier together for adoption.  Nor do they wait through two years of Haitian Social Service and Haitian court work! 

I bet that if there is child trafficking in Haiti as UNICEF reports, although I have seen no facts about this, that it is like the drug trade in Haiti.  Lots of drugs pass through Haiti from Columbia and other countries in South America on their way to the USA, but very little stays in Haiti and it is all networked through illegal routes.  People that traffic children do so outside the legal system!  How can UNICEF say that adoptions open the way for child trafficking?

UNICEF needs to be specific about Haiti and not make statements that are general about the world.  Please let us know about specific cases they have documented of children sold due to International adoptions from Haiti!  Give us an actual case where this has taken place.  I have asked in face to face meetings with UNICEF for specific information where an adoption led to child prostitution or slavery and they could not give me any documented case, so why do they keep saying this in the media?  I always wait for the journalists to say…what specific documentation for Haiti do you have where an international adoption was a front for slavery or prostitution!  But they do not and they just accept the statements as fact. 

If they could give me one case in Haiti that they know led to slavery and prostitution, I would believe them.  It is sad that they are using the children to preach to the world their ideas about international adoption! 

Is adoption best for all children?  Of course not!  That is why our staff Haitian social worker gives the parent other options than adoption to keep their children with them.  But it is right for some children and those children are abandoned, handicapped, or living in extreme conditions that are life threatening!

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1. brook wrote:
right on! i am a parent to 5 adopted kids, one internationally, and i cringe whenever i see unicef butting in where they don't belong. at least if they are going to close adoptions in other countries they could come up with a plan b for these kids.....and i don't mean just put them in a tent city. i think about what they did in guatemala...and for the handful of adoption cases that were fraudulent, 5,000 more orphans every year don't have homes and will grow up in an orphanage or on the streets. thanks unicef. leave haiti alone!

Fri, February 12, 2010 @ 1:21 PM

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