16 February 2010

I have received a couple of emails today asking why I had not posted for a couple of days.  I have to laugh when I used to post every couple of months!  LOL  I am just so busy sometimes that I just cannot find the time or energy to tell you about my day.  But will try to catch up today!

Today is a sad day for us.  Peter, our premature baby died this morning just before 7 AM.  Susan and our night nurse, Claudia, breathed for him all night.  He was doing really well and then he started having periods of apnea and we started caffeine on him.  He did fairly well for a couple of days and then on Monday evening about 3:30 PM he took a turn for the worse.  He appeared to be having respiratory distress of some sort.  He was doing okay until just before 5 PM when he could not hold his oxygen levels up. 

Susan started breathing for him and she and Claudia did this until he died just before 7 AM the next morning!  Peter’s mother was here and watched how hard everyone worked to save her son.  In the morning, when I told her that he was gone, she told me that he was gone yesterday! 

What was so sad was that he threw his arms around and sucked on Ambu bag mask all night!  He was just too worn out to breath enough to live!  He was taking breaths but not enough.  Finally, this morning, his heart started to slow down and become irregular.  His mother said that during the earthquake that she was in the market and it threw her all over the place.  She is sure that this is the reason she went into labor so early.  As much of fighter as Peter was, if he had been born even 2 weeks later I think he would have lived!  Pray for his family and especially his mother.

Another mother today came and took her 2 month old baby back to live with her.  She said that the people she was living with was giving her such a hard time because she left him here.  This was a mother who had given her child for adoption eight years ago with GLA.  We told her that he could just stay for help not adoption but peer pressure in Haiti is big.  She left with him and of course tonight it is raining so hard and she is sleeping outside with him and her other little girl.  Please pray for Wadley and his family.  Pray that he will stay dry and healthy!

We are supposed to receive our plane load of cargo tomorrow and take it to the property at Fort Jacques.  We are getting more tents in this shipment and those will really come in handy with us having more rainy days!

Today was Mardi Gras but Haiti did not celebrate it this year.  There was no carnival.  Haiti needs to focus on surviving and rebuilding.  Please pray for the Haitian government and all of the organizations that are working on delivering humanitarian aid and helping to rebuild Haiti.

We have a 9 person team arriving tomorrow and they are coming through the Dominican Republic.  For some reason, they are being delivered to downtown Port-au-Prince  Downtown PAP is terrible!  You cannot drive down there for all of the tents and people living in the area!  It is worse because they are coming with quite a bit of luggage!  Hopefully, we can meet them in another location that might be just a little bit safer to transfer people and luggage.

And life in Haiti goes on…

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1. Sam wrote:
your prayer touched us. We are praying! ........ God bless.

Tue, February 16, 2010 @ 9:37 PM

2. Nichole wrote:
Hi Dixie, I read your blog each and every night to get caught up on what is happening at GLA and in Haiti. All the hard work and effort that you and your staff put into the orphanage and community warms my heart, but stories like Peter's deeply sadden me and make me cry a lot. I pray each and every night for the children and people of Haiti including you and your staff. Tonight I will be sure to include Peter and his mother in my prayers as well as all the moms who have the courage to bring their children to the orphanage. It' so sad to hear that peer pressure effects the lives of the Haitian people. God bless you all! Keep up the great work.

Tue, February 16, 2010 @ 9:53 PM

3. Rita Hanchey wrote:
Dixie, I am so sorry to hear about Peter. It is just so heart breaking hearing these real life stories. I am thinking of GLA daily and praying for you all. Keep the faith!! Rita H.

Tue, February 16, 2010 @ 10:24 PM

4. Margaret K wrote:
I'm so sad hearing about little Peter. I'll pray for his family and all the people in Haiti, so God gives them peace, stranth and hope. Thanks for bloging, while other reports from Haiti are fading away from the main stream media, we can still read what is going on and hopefully help as much as posible. God bless you all.

Wed, February 17, 2010 @ 6:28 AM

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