A Journey of 7 Years Began With Small Steps - and Two Uncles

After Dixie wrote yesterday about the ground breaking for the baby house (read it here), I was doing some thinking and reminiscing about the journey that Ft. Jacques has been and will continue to be.

It's been 7 1/2 years since John, Dixie and I sat at the table in the "big room" on the main floor of the main building's guest house with the owner of the land.    I remember talking after the seller left.   The amount we had sitting in the building fund was about 5% of what we would need to come up with in just over 120 days.   To say it felt like a leap of faith was an understatement.

But we told the story and shared the vision and people responded.   $50 here, $100 there, $5 here, $25 there, little by little it grew.   And word spread.    The story of GLA was told and the vision for Ft. Jacques was told.    And you answered the call.   Many many many people opened their wallets and helped us start this journey.

And then it became the tale of two uncles.   We were upwards of 80% of the way there but had only a month left.    I'd be lying if we didn't question whether we were going to make it.    We had our weaker moments and wondered.......

But then God moved in the hearts of two uncles.   Both of the uncles have GLA kids in their famillies.   Both of them have seen first hand the growth and healing that comes from being in a forever family.

One of the uncles called a friend - a friend who has been very blessed financially.   He asked that friend if he'd be willing to talk to us about what GLA is doing and the need we have for a new facility.    The other uncle had a very good year in business.

Both of those actions resulted in substantial gifts that put us over the top.

And a journey was started.   The first steps were taken.

Nothing at Ft. Jacques has happened because of us.   Yeah, "we" (not me) have put a lot of labor in to building and doing the construction, but none of it has happened because of us.

It has happened because of you.   Because of the generosity of countless people, because of the generosity of so many people who have given time, given money, prayed, asked for help.

Yesterday was a big step.   God has opened doors with Family Christian and the James Fund - and because of that, the baby house has started!

It's been a 7 year journey to get to this point.   We've got a ways to go yet.   

God has blessed this journey because of people like you.

And you.

And you over there.

Please pray that all will remain faithful.

Pray that God will make it clear whether He wants you to be a part of finishing Ft. Jacques.

Our kids will be better off because of it.

On their behalf, thank you.

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