Common Haitian Words & Phrases

Creole and French in Haiti

Haitian Creole is the true national language of Haiti. All Haitians speak the language, but a small minority of the population also speak French, which they have learned either at home or at school. However, even Haitians who master French consider Haitian Creole, which they use for most everyday communication, as the symbol of their national identity.


Vini (ave’m)  Come (with me)   Kouri Run!
Ale (avec li)  Go (with him/her)   Joue Play
Eske ou vle?  Do you want?                  
Tann Wait
Eske ou malad?       
Are you sick? 
Pa fé dezoid Don’t be bad
Vant ou fé mal? Does your stomach hurt?   Eske ou fini?    
Are you finished?
Tet ou fé mal? Does your head hurt?                   
Paske ou té fé dezoid ou bezwenn chita isit pou ti tan.       
Because you were bad you need to sit here for a little while. 
Ou blese? Do you have a scrape/cut?   Mwen renmen ou anpil! I love you a lot!
Eske ou fatige? Are you tired?   Mwen se nouvo mama ou!  I am your new mommy.
Kouche Lay down   Mwen se nouvo papa ou! I am your new daddy.
Leve Get up   Mwen se nouvo sè ou! I am your new sister.
M pa tande ou. 
Pale ak fòs.
I can’t hear you.Speak louder.   Mwen se nouvo fré ou! I am your new brother.
Pa pè Don’t be scared.   Eske ou kontann? Are you happy?
Eske ou grangou? Are you hungry?   Eske ou tris? Are you sad?
Eske ou gen swaf? Are you thirsty?   Wi/no Yes/no
Pa fé sa! Don’t do that.   Pa touche’l Don’t touch that.
Kenbe men mwen Hold my hand.   Mange Eat
Pataje avek fré/sè. Share with brother/sister.