Genesis 8:22

In Genesis 8:22, God said, “For as long as Earth lasts, planting and harvest, cold and heat, Summer and winter, day and night will never stop.”

For many of us, this is a very important text.   

We are 6 days past the official start of spring and we got two inches of snow today, the wind-chill is currently 10 degrees and the air temperature tonight is supposed to be in the neighborhood of 10 degrees.   

Yes, eventually, winter will stop.   

And then what?   Then it's time to move some artificial turf!   And get it ready to send down to Haiti.   We need it on the playground so that the kids can enjoy the new playground.   What do we need to meet this goal?

  • We need strong arms and backs – we don’t know for sure when yet, but we’re going to have to roll and organize all of the turf once it is uncovered and dried enough.   Where?   The NE side of Grand Rapids.   If you might be able to help, let me know and I’ll let you know when we know dates.
  • We need big hi-lo’s.   By big, I mean ones that can ride on grass and can potentially lift 4,000 plus lbs.    If you know anyone who has one we can borrow for a day, that would be awesome.    I’m thinking that a sod farm or somewhere like that would be the type of place we’d want to borrow a hi-lo or two from.
  • We need one or two trucks with big flat bed trailers to haul the turf to the place that we’re going to store it at until we can ship it.   The trailers should have a weight capacity to be able haul at least 10,000 lbs each.
  • We need roller carts that we can put the rolls of turf on to “roll” them into the container because containers only open up on the small end.   By “roller cart,” I mean something small but heavy duty that we can put the turf on and roll it around.   Something like
  • We need funds to be able to order a container.   The last I heard, we were about 20% of the way to having the funds.   That  puts us about $8,000 short on this goal.   Can you help with that?
What about diapers?   We’re going to be getting a donation in this weekend that will be bringing in a LOT of diapers.   Once I know exactly how many, then I know more what we need in terms of diapers yet.   I’d really like your help in getting this all paid for and on its way by the end of April.   

Can you help?   

Oh and pray that we’ll actually melt and dry out here in Michigan........   Thanks in advance for your help.     


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