Help Us Purchase Fire Extinguishers for All Houses

A few Sunday's ago early in the morning, Evelyne, one of our cooks, walked into the unfinished Guest House at Fort Jacques to check on some baby chickens that we had put there before putting them in with the big chickens.  As she walked in, she saw smoke coming from their pen and ran over to it and found that their heat lamp had fallen and caught the saw dust on fire.  The baby chicks were huddled in the corner as far away from the flames as they could get!

Evelyne was a farmer with her husband before coming to work at GLA.  Thankfully, she has so much common sense and ran over, pulled the plug on the heat lamp, and then ran outside, got a bucket of water and threw on the fire!  All of the baby chicks survived but it burnt about a 2 foot circle of saw dust around the heat lamp.

Then last Friday, I was lighting the gas oven for pizza night.  One of our staff, Ginette, had lighted it earlier but the flame had gone out.  We opened the door and let it air for a couple of minutes.  I just didn't think to open the bottom of the oven/broiler part and let the gas trapped their escape, so when I tried to light it again, it exploded!  

Thankfully, all it did was singe the hair off my legs. throw me back into the kitchen counter, knock the oven out of it's hole and onto the floor, and all of the insulation blew out of the bottom of the oven all over the kitchen!  It could have been much worse, so we are thankful it wasn't!

God watched over us.  We are so thankful that nothing was damaged more than it was.  But it brought home to us the need for fire extinguishers in all kitchens and houses.  We have thought of this for a long time but never had the funds to purchase them.  But now we feel like this is more important than ever and are bringing this need to you.  To have a fire extinguisher in all locations, to have training for all staff how to use them, and a monthly service plan, it will cost us $3000.

Can you please make a donation toward fire extinguishers for all of the houses at GLA?  Help us stay safe and be prepared for a fire emergency.


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