IBESR Meeting 22 February 2010

Magalie and Ernst went to IBESR and of course, Mme Pierre left after the 11 AM tremof!  But other staff was there and they talked to Magalie and Ernst. 

IBESR staff told Magalie that the problem is not that the children are at GLA.  The problem is that BRESMA orphanage should have notified IBESR that the children are being transferred to GLA.  I said that I would hope I could transfer my children out of danger before notifying IBESR, but I understand their concern.  They also said that lots of children were sent out of country without a Haitian representative along to make sure they arrived and were given to their families.  Magalie was told that many orphanages are being closed because of problems in procedure and care.  I have no more information than that. 

Magalie forgot that when we took our 81 children to the States that Vivianne Louis and Dr. Claude Louis travelled with the children and stayed until all of the families had been united with their child! But when we sent our children out to other countries, we did not have a Haitian representative from the orphanage. 

But come on!  Does that make sense?  How would one of our staff travel when many do not have visas?

So we are just waiting for Margarette to take her letter to IBESR and for them to issue us a paper that says the children can stay at GLA.  Pray that IBESR will accept this and not cause problems.

IBESR did tell Magalie that UNICEF cannot come to the orphanage without IBESR representative with them.  They also told us that UNICEF in no way can take children from the orphanage.  Only IBESR can take children.  So this is good to know.  What they did yesterday was not correct, just like I thought.

We are going to have to finish the adoptions here in Haiti through legalization.  IBESR has said we must do this.  Maybe this will be an answer for all of the countries where the children went so they can have a legal Haitian adoption and not have to do the adoption in the country where they reside.  We are continuing with the process and as dossiers leave IBESR, we will send them to Parquet. 

I will be interviewing for a new Adoption Coordinator soon.  Stephanie is returning to Haiti this week to help get the files all in order.  Those finished with the civil courts will be sent to the families.  Those not finished will be tagged and we will finish them.  Then Stephanie will return to the USA to be with her adoptive son.  Pray that God will send me the right person to fill this position!

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