Meet Our Kids

Welcome to the Meet Our Kids Page

We want to introduce just a few of our 69 children!  We do not want to overwhelm you with publishing stories of all of the children at once, so we will choose a few every couple of weeks and put their stories here.  Check back from time to time and meet our kids!  I am sure that their stories will touch your hearts.


Abygaëlle has been at GLA since she was two months old. She came to us tiny and malnourished, but quickly began to grow and gain strength. At first, we didn't notice any apparent delays in Abygaëlle, she seemed like a normal baby. After a while we noticed her eyes begin to cross. At first we believed she might have some issues with her vision. Soon it became apparent that she was very late in reaching milestones like rolling over, sitting up or crawling. We began to suspect that Abygaëlle might have special needs. Dixie believes she may have suffered trauma in the couple months before she came to us.

Abygaëlle was born on Valentines Day. We're celebrating her 4th birthday! She is a very special girl with an unfailingly sweet personality. She always greets whoever walks into the nursery with a big smile. Abygaëlle loves movement and being active. It took her a long time to start crawling, now that is her preferred method of getting around. She can pull to stand but her coordination has made walking difficult.

Despite her special needs, Abygaëlle is a bright child who is naturally curious about her environment and loves to explore it.  She also loves to interact with those around her. She's thrilled to play in water and could spend hours in the wading pool splashing. She loves being lifted high into the air and all forms of physical play.



Upon arrival at GLA, Docilia was one of a handful of children who could still muster a smile despite her fear and uncertainty during a situation she was powerless to control. Her little spirit seemed to still be relatively intact. We have no way of knowing how much of her life she spent at the other orphanage in Kenscoff, but she seemed to be ready to trust these strange new adults in this completely different environment. She reached for us and was comforted in our arms. She adjusted to her nannies and new playmates in no time flat.

IBESR gave us her estimated age at 18 months when she arrived. Her first recorded weight and height was 16 lbs and 30 inches. In a years time Docilia has gained 12 lbs and put on 5 inches. Docilia enjoys interacting as well as stepping back and observing around other children and adults. She  often makes a bee line to greet new visitors but is very  content to simply say hello and is not demanding of their attention. Since the first d ay she arrived, Docilia has been sweet and content. Her little personality has blossomed even more in a safe environment where she is confident her needs for nourishment, love, affection and attention will be met. She’s quite the little lamb!