Fort Jacques Orphanage

Our Vision, Location, and Plans

Our vision of what will be built at Fort Jacques has changed over the last few years.  As we have researched what is best for the children, we have changed how we envision the new orphanage will look.  Instead of a large institutionalized building, we felt that small group homes would be better for the children's physical, and psychological growth and development.  The baby home will still need to be a large building with a neonatal intensive care unit and step down units as the babies get healthy and move out of the NICU.

In 2006, land was purchased in Fort Jacques where a new orphanage is being built for the children. Our plan is to build an orphanage compound large enough to house all of the children from newborn to 10 years old. The new facility will include the main orphanage for infants, toddler homes, school building, pharmacy, classrooms, playrooms, guesthouse and volunteer quarters, office and storage complex, and homes for the staff. Construction is presently underway and the Toddler Houses are up and the older children moved to their new home in November of 2014.  Presently, the guest house is being built and will house 36 volunteers and adoptive families.  We will go from having 2 bathrooms for all of the volunteers to having 10 toilets and 10 showers!  As you can imagine, two bathrooms for 28 to 30 people can be a challenge!

There are over 4 acres of land at the main location and GLA also purchased 1/2 acre of land that was connected to the larger plot of land. We have future plans for this land for community outreach by building a clinic.

For those of you who have GOOGLE EARTH, the location of the property is:

  • NE Corner 18º 28'25.39 N 72º 16'17.75W
  • NW Corner 18º 28'25.47 N 72° 16'20.23W
  • SE Corner 18º 28'18.49N 72° 16'18.32W
  • SW Corner 18º 28'18.06N 72° 16'20.82W