Outreach Ministry

For several years, God's Littlest Angels has offered a program for young mothers with premature or malnourished infants who cannot care for their children at home.  The mothers and infants come to our nursery and we teach the mothers how to care for their sick child with the help of our staff.  The mothers stay and sleep at GLA and learn to care for their child.  Premature infants have special needs and most mothers are not prepared to provide the care these tiny babies need.  By the time they leave the nursery, the mothers know what to do if the baby becomes ill, has a fever, how to feed them, bath them correctly and boil all of the baby's water.  

We have found that this ministry to mothers with premature and malnourished infants has changed the survival rate of the children once they return to their families.  One out five children will die in Haiti before their fifth birthday and out of those 60% will die in the first year of life.  We are making a small but significant difference in the lives of the children who come to the orphanage for assistance.

God's Littlest Angels has also assisted many children needing medical care that is not provided in Haiti. We have had children travel to the United States, Canada, Germany, and Spain for medical treatment and surgery. Most of these children returned to live with their biological families once treatment was finished.

We also offer assistance to other orphanages in the community with children who are ill and need more intensive medical care. We work with the orphanage staff to train them on how to care for these children who come to them sick and malnourished.