Second container unloaded and in the storage shed!

John built the storage barn to be a huge building but already it is full of donated items!  These two containers that came out were full of things and they were extra long.  Usually, a container is 40 feet long and 8 foot high.  These containers were 48 feet long and 8 foot high.  So there was quite a bit more boxes on each one than would normally be on a container.

There are lots of soap, toothbrushes and paste, boxes and boxes of shoes, clothing, baby formula, diapers, and baby wipes!  Today, we are going up to Fort Jacques to sort the boxes so that on Monday we can start making up hygiene kits and start putting together distribution bags.

Part of this container will also be given to several different orphanages and clinics.  We will divide up the items, set them aside, and call the people in charge so that they can come pick the items up.  Sometimes, we give items away and people love to receive donations but they want us to deliver them to them!  Right now, we are so busy that we cannot deliver all of the donations.  If they want them, they will have to come get them!

Monday, we are supposed to go to Customs for the inspection of four containers that just arrived from Canada.  It is difficult to keep up with which containers have been inspected and which are still waiting but I think after these four on Monday, all will be done.  Then we just have to wait for the custom agent to write up his tax estimate and give it to our agent. 

After this team that is here now leaves next Friday, we do not have any volunteers or teams for at least 2 weeks!  We had expected to have a extra large number of volunteers here for 1 week the 2nd week of August, but they have cancelled.  So hopefully, we will not be swamped with containers coming out of customs while no one is here to help sort and distribute!!

Last evening at supper time, mother nature gave us an awesome lightening show!  The first lightening bolt shook the house and made all of the lights go out for a moment.  It actually blew the light bulb in the dining area!  Lightening was hitting very close to the house.  We have a cell tower close to the house now and it gets hit by lightening frequently. The lightening continued for more than 2 hours!  The rain poured down too.  I cannot imagine how that lightening storm must have frightened people living in tents! 

John and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary on Thursday by unloading a container!  Usually, we are not even in the same country on our wedding anniversary!  John is usually in the States and I am here.  Of course, we did not do anything special because we were too tired to go out and eat.  :(   Maybe we will go out Sunday for lunch…oh, wait, it is Fried Chicken Sunday with fruit salad…hmmm…not sure we want to miss, Marie Josee’s Fried Chicken!  :)    John and I will have all of our children here in August for a visit.  Maybe we will just celebrate it then and go out with the kids.  We can do John’s birthday (August 2) , Patrick’s birthday (August 4) and Laurie’s birthday which was July 17.  Maybe we’ll just celebrate them all together! 

4 comments (Add your own)

1. Judy wrote:
May God bless you with many,many more happy, healthy, love-filled years together to celebrate!

Sat, July 31, 2010 @ 2:29 PM

2. Sharon Wilkens wrote:
Happy Anniversary Dixie and John!! We just had our 44th, and don't the years fly by quickly?! I hope you find some time to celebrate.

Sat, July 31, 2010 @ 4:09 PM

3. aline wrote:
Happy 39th anniversary May God bless you both wiith many more as well as with good health and blessings

Sun, August 1, 2010 @ 11:01 PM

4. Janis wrote:
Happy Anniversary John and Dixie, Congratulations. I didn't realize that your anniversary was so close to Bob and mine. We well be 37 tomorrow August 3. We were able to take an elderly couple out for lunch yesterday after church, their anniversary is today. May God bless you.

Mon, August 2, 2010 @ 9:29 PM

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