Study in Contrasts - A Reason For Ft. Jacques

All of these pictures were "borrowed" from Google Images and are all from Haiti.   Check them out and then read more at the bottom......







Now what do those pictures have to do with building up at Ft. Jacques?   Well, it's sort of like the old Sesame Street "skit" - which of these don't belong?

All of these pictures were taken in Haiti (my apologies to those who posted them on the web - if I knew who took them, I'd gladly give credit).   The first three show a Haiti that is very beautiful and very positive.   The last two show a Haiti that is the reality for most of Haiti and shows the hard side of Haiti.

As an adoptive father, I can tell you that while it varies from time to time in intensity, being from Haiti is important to my kids.   They know we value their home country and they know that being Haitian is of value.

Now ask yourself, if all you saw of Haiti was the last two pictures, you wouldn't think of Haiti nearly as positively as you would if you knew about the other places, would you?

That's one of the benefits we're going to see from having our entire facilities up at Ft. Jacques.   Our volunteers, our guests, our adoptive parents and our children who are waiting are going to experience a much more positive view of Haiti when they are experiencing the beauty of Haiti at Ft. Jacques - significantly more so than they would if we were down in Port Au Prince. Plus the kids would have a lot more room to run and play......

A more positive view of Haiti makes for a more positive view of themselves which makes for a more positive emotional and mental situation.

So, in short, supporting Ft. Jacques and getting everyone up there will allow everyone to see a more beautiful part of Haiti and feel better about where the kids are.   That, in my book, is a win win situation.

I hope you'll help us continue moving the Ft. Jacques project along.

Thank you for your support of our kids,


P.S. Enjoy some of the pictures from my own collection of pictures from Ft. Jacques - I hope they help you see that not only will the buildings be better for the kids but the "place" will be better for the kids.   And if it's better for the kids, then I support it - will you?

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