Successful Surgeries!

     We are now three weeks post-op for Marie Kencia, Mario, Peterson, and Yvenson! Here is a little glimpse into how it all happened and how they are doing now!

     The process of having surgery with a short-term medical team in Haiti can be quite complex but it also happens fast! About a month prior to the LEAP team coming to Haiti, we were informed by our Pediatrician that the team would be at a local hospital May 1-4. We started communication with the team in mid-April and were told to go the hospital Thursday, May 1st to be evaluated. That day, along with four nannies and myself, six of our children went to be evaluated. We got to the hospital by 7am, not really knowing what to expect. Amidst, the 100+ people in the waiting room, we got our names on a “list” and started to get labs taken at about 11am. After labs we were able to see two Haitian doctors who were pre-screening for potential surgical candidates. We then found out that the surgical team would not be arriving to the hospital until the evening, so we headed home for about 3 hours, changed our clothes, ate dinner, took little naps, etc. That night, we headed back to the hospital, in line to see the surgical team! We met with doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and volunteers. Four of our six children were eligible for surgery!

     Marie Kencia, who has a cleft lip and palate had surgery scheduled for the next day! Friday morning, I headed off to the hospital with Marie Kencia, she was a quite cranky as we waited. Unfortunately, little babies don’t understand why they can’t have anything to eat or drink! By 1pm we were in pre-op and getting ready to get started! She was able to have her cleft lip repaired along with Eustachian tubes placed and will have a second surgery on her palate in November. Dr. Hobar and his team did an amazing job! Just look at the difference!

     Mario, Peterson, and Yvenson were all scheduled for Sunday, May 4th. We were able to start the morning a little later for these three since their surgeries weren’t until the afternoon.

     Mario did absolutely amazing throughout the whole process! Always calm and patient. Mario has had chronic ear infections since he was just a baby, Dr. McClay and his team were able to place Eustachian tubes and remove his adenoids. He did very well post up and loved all the special treats he received after surgery!

     Peterson was a trooper throughout everything! He was the last to go into surgery and therefore the most hungry! Peterson had the most procedures done by Dr. McClay and his team. Peterson has struggled with chronic ear infections swollen tonsils for quite a while. Thanks to the LEAP team, Peterson was able to have Eustachian tubes placed and his tonsils and adenoids removed. He has recovered really well. He even had a smile on his face just a few hours after surgery! His most favorite thing about it all was the freezy pops after surgery! He didn’t want to stop eating them!


      Yvenson also did great! He was very cooperative and patient while he waited for his turn! Yvenson had had multiple throat infections along with swollen tonsils. Dr. McClay and his team were able to remove his tonsils and adenoids! Right after surgery he loved eating his ice-cream and some mango! Yvenson’s recovery took a bit longer and was in quite a bit of pain after surgery but he is healing very nicely and all his pain is gone!



     Overall, the children are doing so well post-surgeries and we consider them all a success! We can’t thank you enough for keeping the children, staff, and medical team in your thoughts and prayers throughout the process! Also, thank you to the LEAP foundation! Your Haiti team was such a blessing to us! We look forward to seeing you again in November!

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1. Linda Dykstra wrote:
WoW, what testimonies ... what brave childre ... what great surgeons and staff ... what a great big God!

Mon, May 26, 2014 @ 6:40 PM

2. Pam Taylor wrote:
Thank you Lord for a place such as GLA and all of the people associated with it. I praise God for their dedication to the babies and children of Haiti. Thank you for helping them find the right doctors and for the healing of the children. Amen

Tue, May 27, 2014 @ 6:41 AM

3. Kelly DeBardelaben Berge wrote:
Praise God for the medical team and that everybody is doing so well in their recoveries!!! XOXOX

Wed, May 28, 2014 @ 1:15 AM

4. Jane wrote:
Thank you for the update! SO happy these little ones are healing well!

Fri, May 30, 2014 @ 5:50 PM

5. Tyra wrote:
I am amazed of the strength of these children. The doctors did a great job adding to the beauty that was already present.

Fri, May 30, 2014 @ 9:05 PM

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