Adoptions Side 7


From Brad and Leslie, USA:

We can’t say enough great things about GLA. It all starts with the love and care that they provide for the kids in the orphanage. From there it spreads out to the work teams that come to assist and moves on to the parents and families going through the adoption process.

Once we were matched with our child, we started receiving monthly updates that included a recap of his activities for the month, his health and at least 3 recent photographs. These updates were like clockwork. We always got them on the last day of the month, and it was something that we looked forward too. It allowed us to see him grow and change even though we were not physically with him. One of the neat parts about our adoption journey was getting to meet other parents that had adopted internationally. All of those parents were amazed that we had this level of updates and communication about our son. The updates from GLA provided us with an incredible level of comfort during the unsettling times of our adoption journey.

In both of our trips to Haiti, we had the chance to meet folks that were there on work trips. A handful of the people on those trips had made multiple visits to GLA to volunteer. Knowing that they had decided to return for a additional work trip speaks volumes for the experience that they have. We got to see firsthand the work that they did to help care for the ministry that is GLA. We also got to see how they interacted with and played with the kids at the orphanage. You can tell that it is a highlight for all involved.

We have had our son, now 6 years old, home for three months now. From the very beginning, it was obvious to us that GLA had prepared him well to be part of our family. Our return trip to the States was one full of wide eyed amazement on his part. From the very beginning, he was affectionate with everyone that he met. We have had no real issues with his eating or with his sleeping. Also, the time he spent attending school at GLA allowed us to quickly get him involved in kindergarten here at home and that transition has been great.
We feel so blessed to have been connected with GLA as our partner in this adoption.

From Myrna, Canada: 

I am a single woman that has always wanted to be a mom.  When a relative suggested that I adopt, I laughed it off, but the seed had been planted.  After much prayer I began the paperwork.  When I traveled toHaiti for the first time and met my son I knew that God had been leading the way, we fit like a glove!  When I was finally able to return and bring my son home, who had just turned 2, it was a very emotional time considering it had been a very lengthy process.  He was just beginning to speak, but was still able to communicate all his needs to me.  He adjusted very well to all the changes he experienced in those first few months.  He has been very affectionate right from the first time we met so I knew that he had been given lots of love and attention at GLA.  He is a happy, easygoing boy with a great imagination.  God blessed me when He chose to make us a family.  I am so thankful for the love and care he received while at GLA, as well as the love and care extended to ma as an adoptive mom. 

From Ryan and Sue, USA: 

Our family was introduced to GLA in 2009 during the process of adopting our son, Cleo, and we have been changed by this ministry ever since. Although we wanted Cleo home the moment we saw pictures of him and his adorable face on DVD, we knew he was getting the best care possible in Haiti. Throughout the past four years we have followed the work of GLA and been privileged to return to Haiti with teams from our church. We are always impressed with the GLA staff and encouraged by the difference they are making in the kingdom of God that reaches beyond the walls of the orphanage into the community, from assisting other orphanages to their school sponsorship program. We praise God for His faithfulness in choosing forever families for the beautiful orphans they care for and His provision for Fort Jacques. God is shining through GLA and we are honored to have a small part in it.

From Paulette, USA:

The staff of GLA made the craziest, most frustrating time of my life bearable! While I made my way through the adoption process I was comforted by knowing my son was receiving such great care at GLA. Since coming home when he was 28 months old he has attached and adjusted amazingly well. He is loving, smart, affectionate, and really funny! He loves dinosaurs, balls, and anything that he can ride! He is absolutely the best 3-year-old ever!

From Kent and Cathleen, USA:

My husband and I chose to form our family through adoption and it has been the best choice we EVER made.  We became a family of four with the help of GLA through two separate adoptions. Adoption is not an easy process...from the scrutinizing dossier collection, to the funds needed, to the utter lack of control over the bureaucratic systems of another country, to the waiting, and the waiting and then there was the waiting.  I was a different person during the adoption process--not always the best of myself.  However, in the end, it has been so worth it. Just today I was commenting to my husband about how far our second son has come in 7 months. When he came to his U.S. home, he was weak, tired, and not really a happy toddler. Now, he laughs, he rolls off of the couch onto pillows in giggles, he plays, and is forming a great imagination.  Our first son makes everyone he meets feel special and is a joy. Both needed lots of care upon coming home to us, in spite of the good care received at GLA.  One has received physical and occupational therapy, while the other receives occupational therapy.  We speak about adoption and skin color often in our home, as well as seek out connections to Haiti and other adoptive families that look like ours.  The adoption process is work, as is life after the waiting, but once you fully commit to parent a beautiful child born in Haiti, YOU will forever be the lucky one.