Update on Donations and on Bella and Jean Eddy

A Huge Thanks to everyone who sent in donations since my last post.  The funds helped us to get our diesel bill paid and allowed us to pay our staff.  We still plan to let 18 staff members go before the end of the year.  We have to do this just to be able to feed and provide for the children. Funds are still needed to catch up on our other bills such as water, propane for cooking, electricity, etc.

Haiti has a law that says we must pay these 18 people a severance pay which comes to almost $9000 USD!  Even though it breaks my heart to stop their employment, we just do not have work for them at this time or the funds to keep them here. Please join us in praying that those funds will come and the new year can start out with a new budget. Please consider making a donation to GLA before the end of the year.  Every donation helps so much! 

In the last week, Bella and Jean Eddy has changed so much that I wanted to give you a short update on them.

Bella is an orphan.  Her mother is deceased and her elderly grandparents cannot take care of her.  They went to the Mayor of Kenscoff and asked for him to find an orphanage for her and a Christian family to adopt her.  The Mayor sent her to us.  Bella is such the cutest little girl.  She is 2 years old.  She has Cerebral Palsy and is deaf.  She was so stiff and immobile when she came but is already getting more movement with exercises and is very responsive! She has the most beautiful smile.  Please pray with us that God will prepare the right family for her and that they are preparing their dossier right now to send to Haiti!  This little girl will go far with the right family to love and support her!

Jean Eddy is a little boy whose mother cannot care for him.  He is a happy little boy and has a huge laugh!  We are going to help mother to find some sort of employment so she can afford to care for Jean Eddy.  This mother gave 3 children for adoption several years ago.  She wanted to give Jean Eddy too but we talked her into letting us just help her and maybe train her to work in a special job.  Please pray for this mother and this special little boy.  God knows what they need the most.

Please consider making a donation today to help us care for the children here at God's Littlest Angels and to continue to take in children like Bella and Jean Eddy.

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1. Jesushof wrote:
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sawzag Mathewsposted 7 months or even years agoin reply to this

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Fri, May 18, 2018 @ 8:51 PM

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