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    Update from the Nursery

    All of our itty bitties are continuing to grow!  They're getting so big!  Here are a couple of updates and some photos to enjoy.

  • Our Littlest Blessings

    Happy Thanksgiving from God's Littlest Angels!  We thought today would be the perfect day to introduce you to our littlest blessings!Kensley is 9 months old and has been here since he was about a month old.  Kensley has a colostomy, but should be going to have it repaired soon!

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    Survive to Thrive-Story #10

    -Guest Blogger (Britany Smith-RN at GLA from 2012-2014)--I am so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to come back to GLA twice since leaving my position just over a year ago.  It is an absolute pleasure to be able to write another "Survive to Thrive" story. Amazing transformations such as this one, fill my heart with such joy and thankfulness for God's continual healing in the lives of so many children.  Some of you may remember a blog I wrote in 2014 named Angel Update...

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    Going Home: Lensey

    It is with great joy (and a little sadness too) that I get to share this good news with you!  Our sweet Lensey went home this morning!  Lensey's parents were very young, and her mama died in childbirth.

  • Little Lucner

    There's a new face at GLA! A week ago we got a call from another orphanage nearby about a 4 pound newborn they had concerns about. The baby's family ended up taking him home, but brought him back yesterday saying he wouldn't eat and was having trouble breathing.

  • Update on Claudette

    Baby Claudette is doing much better!  We had a rough few days, but now she is finished with her IV and antibiotics, she's breathing on her own, and eating much better.  She even smiled yesterday!

  • New Arrival

    Hello from the NICU nursery!  Tonight I'm writing to ask for prayer for a little baby who came to us yesterday afternoon.  Her name is Claudette.

  • Update on Little M

    M and her mother are doing well. She is well over 4 lbs now! M's Ng tube is out and she is taking full feeds by bottle.

  • Our Newest Assistance Angel

       Yesterday, this beautiful 3 lb 11.5 oz, now 9 day baby girl came to us with her mama for assistance. Little M was referred to us by another organization, her mother is just 16 years old and needs help to care for her first child. Her mother said Little M would not take the breast so she had not fed her for the first week of her life.

  • Survive to Thrive... Story #8

        This week we are sharing before and after pictures on our social media pages, so I thought it would be fitting to do a Survive to Thrive story for the week as well. This beautiful little girl, who I will call Lande came to us in mid April. We believe she was a little over a year old on arrival.

  • Angel Updates!

          I wanted to give you all an update on two of the children I recently wrote about, along with introducing you to little R, our newest angel here for assistance.      As you can see from the picture below, Lovencia continues to share her beautiful smile and joyous laughter with us all! She was just about six lbs when she came to us and she is now up to 11 lbs!

  • Water & Crackers

    Water and crackers... sounds like something you eat when you have the flu or a stomach ache, right? How about eating that to survive?

  • Life is fragile.

       This morning, Dixie received a call from Samaritan's Purse letting us know they had a 1.2 kg baby that they needed to send to us. This morning as we waited, the staff and myself got everything "set up" and prepared for when this baby would arrive; we did not know its sex or how old, we only knew that it's mama had died in child birth and it's aunt was bringing the baby up to us along with a Samaritan's Purse chauffeur.     Just the difference of an hour can make ...

  • Survive to Thrive...Story #7

    Ednaika is a special girl. She was one of the very first children we were able to send home the first month I started at GLA. She came to us in late October 2012, about 5 lb 10 oz and left November 26, 2012 just over 8 lbs.

  • Meet Ruth-Our Newest Addition

          Meet Ruth, our newest baby here in the NICU. She came to us this past Sunday, December 15 at just about 2 lbs. Ruth was born on November 30th to parents of 5 other children.

  • From Surviving to Thriving... Story #5

     Early in December we got a call from Samaritan's Purse letting us know they had a young girl just about 1 year old. This little one is such a fighter. Her story is this: about eight days after not hearing from her sister, this little girl's aunt went to the home of her sister and niece to see how they were.