Volunteer Testimonials


From Sandra, Canada:

When I first arrived and I got out of the truck at the God's Littlest Angels, all the wee little ones on the balcony yelled out 'hello' to me....... My heart had melted already. I was only at GLA for a short time; but the staff and children there have captured my heart forever. I had been reading the blogs and praying for children that I read about, now I could finally meet these angels and give them hugs and affection. And what beautiful angels they are! I only wish I had spent more time there- I most certainly will be back.

From Mark, USA:

As soon as God put it on my heart to go to Haiti, I’ve felt His hand in everything about this trip. The bulk of my time was spent building wooden forms to be used in the construction of the schoolhouse at Ft. Jacques. The forms were used to either hold poured cement, or as placeholders for windows that the stone walls could be built around. But I often wondered when I’d be able to spend time with the children.

Then on my last night in Haiti, I was invited to movie night at the toddler house. And the children! The laughs/shouts/shrieks of joy that came from them during a slide show presentation of pictures of them from a recent pool party. Their charming innocence as they focused on the movie, all dressed in their pajamas. God had answered my prayers for some time with the children. And He showed me that while I may not have had much of an immediate impact on them, the work I did will impact their, and others’, futures, and I take comfort in that.

The people and country of Haiti, from the staff and children at GLA, to the locals I had either direct or indirect contact with, have found a special place in my heart. I now fully understand the excitement of others (who had been to Haiti before me) for me as I prepared for this trip.

From Cheryl, Canada:

I have been so blessed as to have had the opportunity to volunteer at GLA for two summers. Both experiences were a bit different, but a good different. You think it will be all about the kids, playing with them and loving them, and that is a huge part. But meeting, working and living with other volunteers for two weeks turned out to be such a great experience as well. You do quickly fall in love with those adorable kids who just need to play, snuggle and have someone to love them and you are tired at the end of the day. Even so, I do find it hard to say good-bye each time, but my heart is full. The nannies, cooks and the all the people who run GLA work endlessly to make a life for these children who God has placed in their care for a time. What amazing people! I continue to thank God for the ministry of GLA and I know He loves these children more than we ever can. I am just thankful to have been able to play even a small, small part in these Angel’s lives. No matter where those children who were put in my care end up in the world, they will always have someone, maybe across the ocean, who will be praying for them. Volunteering at GLA is an experience I will never forget.

From Mandi, USA:

I believe kids are highly valued by God. I also believe adoption is incredibly close to God's heart, and I know that we are called to care for orphans. GLA combines all of these into an opportunity to care for the orphan- to love them and cherish them and support adoption.

After getting to meet adopting parents, it was clear that we get the privilege of standing in the gap- encouraging and caring for their kids until they can go home. For kids who aren't up for adoption, what better way to be the hands and feet of Jesus than to shower them with love and attention?

It's so amazing to spend one on one time with a baby or a toddler and watch them grow and change before your eyes- as they get to know you, you get to know them and sense that they are loved and valued. There is nothing like seeing a shy or serious child blossom into one that plays and is quick to smile. This is why it's been a privilege to spend time with the kids at GLA.