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Where We Are


God's Littlest Angels is located in the Kenscoff Mountains above Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The home is located in the small village of Fort Jacques. The warm days and cool nights on the mountain are ideal for infants who are trying to gain weight and stay healthy. The children are houses in small tiny houses with bathrooms and lofts.  The nannies sleep in the home with the children.  Our staff work 4 days on and then the get 2 days off.  The same nannies are always work with the same group of children so there is more of a family atmosphere in the homes.


Children's Home

On July 14, 2017, God's Littlest Angels moved all of the children together and everyone is now living at our Fort Jacques property.  We currently have 46 children living at the home.

We have two houses just for babies.  Our blue pod is our NICU and all premature, newborn, and sick babies go to the blue pod when they first arrive at GLA.  The pink pod is for older babies who are under 2 years old.  Our ratio of nannies to babies is 1 nanny to every 3 babies.  The nannies care for all of the babies' needs throughout the day and night.

The green pod is where our volunteers are located at the present time.  They work with the children Monday through Friday and work on developmental goals for each child.  They also spend some time with the older children on the play ground area and in structured game activities.

The lavender, orange, and yellow pods are for children over 2 years old.  There are 8 to 10 children in each pod.  There are three nannies in each pod caring for the children.  They prepare the children for school each day and the children spend their daytime in the classroom.  Even the the two year olds attend preschool each day and spend their days in a structured environment.

Two preschool teachers run the preschool Monday through Friday. The school age children are taught by two Haitian teachers throughout the week as well. They are taught in both French and Creole.  Our children also have classes in English that is based on an American system of learning. 

We have a computer room where the computers are loaded with lots of educational programs for toddlers as well as for the older children at the orphanage. 

GLA had developed a 5 year building plan with the goal being that all of the children and volunteers will eventually be located in Fort Jacques on 5 acres of land that we bought in 2006.  In November 2014, the first stage of building was completed and the older children were moved to their new homes in Fort Jacques.  In July of 2017, the babies moved to Fort Jacques and we are currently working on the guest house and hope to have it closed in by December of 2017, and then we can work on finishing the inside.

The Children's Home consist of 6 small cottages capable of holding 10 children each, a school/all purpose facility, kitchen, and laundry.  There is a large playground and grassy area where the kids can run and play as well as a basketball court and concrete areas for bicycles and skating.

The children develop strong muscles with the help of our devoted volunteers.  The volunteers also play with the children, teaching them how to play, as well as, how to interact with other children during playtime.  All of the infants and toddlers receive regular medical attention, baths, meals, clean changes of clothes, and of course, diaper changes. Our intensive care nursery provides medical care for any ill or malnourished children that God directs to us. We are able to provide monitoring and oxygen therapy, as well as IV support. We have a pediatrician on call 24 hours a day. The nursery's washing machines are constantly in use, as there are always blankets and clothes to clean. We usually only receive about three hours of electricity each day from the Haitian power company.  We have to supplement with our own generator and battery inverters to keep constant electricity flowing to the nursery.

Fort Jacques

In 2006, land was purchased in Fort Jacques where a new orphanage was built for the children. The new facility includes the children's home, pharmacy, classrooms, playrooms, guesthouse and volunteer quarters, office and storage complex, and homes for the staff. Staff housing is currently being built as is the Guest House where volunteers and teams will stay.

There are over four acres of land or over one carreau (French measurement).  GLA also purchased 1/2 acre of land that was connected to the larger plot of land. We have future plans for this land for community outreach by building a clinic.

For those of you who have GOOGLE EARTH, the location of the property is:

  • NE Corner 18º 28'25.39 N 72º 16'17.75W
  • NW Corner 18º 28'25.47 N 72° 16'20.23W
  • SE Corner 18º 28'18.49N 72° 16'18.32W
  • SW Corner 18º 28'18.06N 72° 16'20.82W