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As we've been talking, we are planning on collecting 500 boxes of diapers to send down to Haiti from Michigan in the container this spring that includes the artificial turf that will go on the big kids playground.   The process of collecting those is gaining steam and while we've got a ways to go, we'll get there.   Stay tuned for more on that.

I had someone ask me yesterday, how long will 500 boxes of diapers last?   Will it last for a full year?   Unfortunately the answer is no.   It will not last an entire year.   Assuming that we have 50 to 75 kids in diapers (the last I heard it was closer to 75) and that each kid uses 5 or 6 diapers a day, we need closer to 1500-1600 boxes of diapers to last a year.  That's a big number.

But there's good news!

Yesterday, I was talking to someone who owns a small chain of grocery stores.   They are going to be doing a diaper drive event at their stores - I'll have more information about that as it gets closer.    At that event, they are going to match one for one, every pack  of diapers that their customers buy and donate to us.   So, if one of their stores collects 75 boxes of diapers, they'll match it with another 75 boxes.   Isn't it awesome to see the way that God works?

But wait, it gets better!

In addition to doing that, they are going to sell us, at wholesale price, as many additional boxes of diapers as we can raise funds for.   The ones they are selling at wholesale are their store brand but as she told me yesterday,  "I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old - and they are almost as good as Huggies and Pampers."    And wholesale means that they are about 1/3 cheaper than the big name brands are.

So, let's look at the numbers - the last numbers I hear were that name brand diapers cost about $1 per diaper.   Buying name brand diapers retail here in the states costs $.25 to $.32 per diaper - about 1/4th of the price.

Buying them wholesale from this very generous grocery chain drops the price down to $.14 to $.19 per diaper.

That can make a huge difference.......

How do you do that?   Send a check to GLA at our Colorado office:

God's Littlest Angels
2283 Waynoka Rd. Suite A
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Put a note on it very clearly - "to be used to buy diapers."   Then, when we get a good bit collected, we'll place an order for them and have them delivered to Colorado.

This store is out "west" so this doesn't get us closer to the need for the 500 boxes in Michigan but it does help significantly with an ongoing financial need.

Once again, if you want to help us reach the goal of 500 boxes of diapers in Michigan, please send either gift cards or diapers to:

God's Littlest Angels
c/o Tom Vanderwell
2260 Rosewood St.
Jenison, MI 49428

The goal is to have the 500 boxes of diapers by the time the artificial turf thaws out.   Those of you who know what sort of weather we're having in Michigan know that this will probably be some time in April.

If this raises any questions, let me know.   Thank you for all you do to help the kids in Haiti!

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